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  Wooden Box Intricacy

Wooden Box Intricacy

Item Code :- AWB-09

This ornately carved jewelry chest defines the perfection and grandeur that ought to compliment your magnificent pieces of timeless jewelry. The brass lined corners and the latch add fervor of regal opulence. This wooden jewelry box is a perfect companion for your discerning self and your immaculate tasteful jewelry collection

  Inticate Wooden Box

 Inticate Wooden Box

Item Code :- AWB-010

You won’t be able to put this wooden box once you hold it. Its intriguingly delicate design sets in flawlessly on dark wood and the hints of golden carvings enhance that magical effect. Add it to your office tabletop and see it add its own elegance to the overall ambience.

  Mesh Lid Jwellery Box

Mesh Lid Jwellery Box

Itm Code :- AWB -11

With intricate designs and prudently crafted construction, this wooden box will definitely make you proud of your tabletop accessories. Get it for yourself or wrap it up for a gift, it just sets in perfectly in all situations.

  Mesh Lid Long Wooden Box

Mesh Lid Long Wooden Box

Item Code :- AWB-012

Have you ever thought of giving a gift packed in a gift? You can use this delicately carved wooden box as a gift box and later on it will prove to be a handy tabletop accessory, as elegant and functional as any other.

Size Length 254mm x breadth 100mm x height 56 mm (App.)

  Moon Star Jwellery Box

Wooden Box Jwelery Box

Item Code :- AWB-013

The unique motif of stars and moon add to that dreamy appeal of this wooden box carved out of the best dark wood and ornate brass handiwork. Get this wooden chest if you are up for the best and if you want to add something completely exclusive to your utilities collection.

Dimensions ::

Length : 82 mm

Breadth : 62 mm

Height : 32 mm

  Anchor Wooden Box

Anchor Wooden Box

Item Code :- AWB-014

For all those of you who value those little bundles of joy and tuck them safe in a cute little box, we have an answer for you. This box is as sweet as it gets, making for a perfect accessory that can keep you company in your dressing room.
Dimensions ::

  • Length : 112 mm
  • Width : 112 mm
  • Height : 84 mm (App.)

  Elephant Embossed Wooden Box

Elephant Embossed Wooden Box

Item Code - AWB-015

This rosewood wooden chest exudes both the magic of dark wood and the luster of brass. The creativity doesn’t compromise on the robustness and the durability does not outplay the definitive style. You’ll surely love to add it to your collection.

Dimensions ::

Length : 230 mm

Breadth : 60 mm

Height : 36 mm (App)

  Wooden Box N 3019 & N3020

Decorative wooden box with handle

N3019 & N3020

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