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  Tibetan Bell
We offer a wide range of beautifully crafted Tibetan singing bells with dorje, which are available in host of sizes, designs and finishes. These Tibetan bells are mostly used by Buddhist monks for prayer, healing, meditation, ritual ceremonies and other sacred offerings. Apart from this, they are also demanded by the people who want to decorate their homes with traditional Tibetan crafts and arts. Finely etched details enhance the appeal of these bells to a large extent. Our range is available to our clients in standard as well as customized specifications
Minimum order is 20 Pcs
Item  Code  TMB1
Brass Small Tibetan Bell Size
Height :-  12 cm
Width  :-    5 cm
Price :-   US$ 8 each
Item  Code   TMB2
Medium Tibetan Bell Size
Height :-  14 cm
Width  :-    7cm
Price :-  US$ 11 each
Item  Code  TMB3
Brass  Tibetan Bell Size
Height :-  15 cm
Width  :-   7.50 cm
Price :-  US$ 12 each
Item  Code  TMB4
Tibetan Bell Size
Height :-  16 cm
Width  :-  8.50 cm
Price :-  US$  14
Item  Code  :- TMB 5
Tibetan Big Bell Size
Height :-  21 cm
Width  :-  11 cm
Price :-  US$ 45 each 

  Tibetan Manjira
Brass Tibetan  Manjira
Item Code :- TM1
Brass Tibetan Manjera 
Size - 5.50CM
Price:- US$ 8 each
Item Code :- TM-2
Brass Medium Tibetan Manjera 
Size - 6 CM
Price :- US$ 8 each
Item Code :- TM-3
Brass Big  Tibetan Manjera 
Size - 6.50CM
Price :- US$ 11 each
Item Code :- TM-4
Large Tibetan Manjera  Bell
Size - 7.50CM
Price :- US$ 12  each.
We require a minimum order of 20 Pcs of any size you order
Air Parcel Charges will be informed

  Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan singing Bowls are very popular bowls around the world. We have different kind of Tibetan singing bowls with wide range of size. Tibetan Singing bowls are used for meditation, healing, finding music noted and for gift purposes.

  tibetan Plain Gongs

Tibetan Plain Gongs

Size :- 23 x 27 cm

Weight :- 800 to 2500 gms

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